In addition to making music, I also make part of my living by helping musicians make music and helping music fans find and enjoy music. Here’s a quick summary; click on the links to get detailed info on what I offer and what it might cost you.

Add actual analog color to your sounds with honest-to-gods analog tape!

Or if you need to go the other way, I can digitize your old stereo or multitrack (four-track) cassettes, or stereo/mono 1/4″ reel-to-reel tapes!

I offer sample packs and synth presets for sale! Better yet, I can offer custom sound design for your next project!

If you need music for your next film or podcast/audio project, I license existing tracks or create new ones at extremely competitive rates!

Just getting started making music and need some help getting going? Or perhaps you’ve figured out the basics and are having trouble actually completing music you’re happy with? I offer help on all fronts, from choosing, setting up and learning the tech you need to creativity coaching.

I can also produce your next release! Anything from offering basic organization, oversight and accountability while you make all the creative decisions to full on collaboration and co-writes.

Need an artist bio, website copy, a press kit, or liner notes for your next release? I’m a skilled writer with thousands of published pieces in mainstream and underground publications, and plenty of experience working directly with/for artists in music, visual arts and other fields.

Finally, if you like my aesthetic and vibe and want some help with your next project, in whatever medium, please reach out whether you see the specific service you’re seeking offered here or not — chances are good I can do what you want, once we figure out what that is!

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