Here’s where you’ll find the music of the Ether Diver. For the time being it is (essentially) Bandcamp exclusive, with a few preview tracks and music videos here and there. YOU WILL NOT FIND THE MUSIC OF ETHER DIVER ON SPOTIFY, APPLE OR ANY OTHER STREAMING SERVICE. (Sorry about the shouting, but the feelings are strong.)

Here’s an embed of the latest album:

You can find the rest at the Ether Diver Bandcamp Site

If you’ve listened to all that and somehow still want more, or simply like the weirder stuff, have a look at the Metapop Ether Diver site (an archive for now, but who knows, it could be could revived someday…)

Otherwise, you can find the odd music video on YouTube, such as this old chestnut:

Here’s a little playlist of some favorites: