When I’m not flying the Ether Diver around Etherspace, I am usually yapping about it online. You can find updates on new music, along with lots of discussion of other music and art, creativity, sound design and lots more. I’m fun, come be my friend.



And of course, YouTube where I occasionally post things like this enormously long walkthrough of my modular synth:

Hear me ramble about every module I own for 30+ minutes!

Those are my preferred sites. I’m on the billionaire sites too (you’ll find me with any search of the name Ether Diver), but fuck those guys. Come find me at the nerds’ table; it’s where all the cool shit happens anyway.

Speaking of nerdy, you can study my modular setup in more detail at ModularGrid

You can read what other people have to say about my music on my Press page.

Of course you can find my music on Bandcamp and a few other places. Full details on the Music page.

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