It’s January 1, 2023 and we are launching several new ventures.

Previously announced but not previously named, the new album will be titled Psychedelic Ghost Stories. Album release date is still somewhat tentative, unfortunately. The songs — ten of them, though it’s not impossible one or two could still be cut if the mixing goes badly — are done and I think they’re great. Mixing is going slowly but once that is done and it is mastered, it’ll be out. Not to be too optimistic about it, but I think two more weeks should do it.

Second, I’m starting a patch-a-week challenge. Plan is to put them out on Thursday every week, but it could slip to Friday here and there. I will be posting them here (that’s the reason I finally decided to go ahead and launch this blog) first and foremost. I’ll post them/share them around socials too, but they’ll live here. I guess you can subscribe or something? I’ll figure it out if it seems like people actually want to subscribe.

Third, I’ll be participating in the RPM Challenge again, and comboing it with the patch-a-week-challenge. In other words, to preview things, weeks 5-8 will be modular patches suited to do improv jamming/composition on. The resultant album will be a 4 (or possibly more if I go hog wild and do some bonus patches) track album of spacey ambient-leaning neu-kosmische.

Fourth is additional albums will be announced throughout the year! Not ready to talk many details yet, but one will definitely follow the RPM album and very likely one more if things go to plan and I don’t get burnt out.

Fifth, and final, is expect some more blogging here. I have a lot of notes (and a few tweets) about the recording of Psychedelic Ghost Stories that I will turn into some blog posts and perhaps full-blown liner notes. Other stuff as well. Tune in if you want to live like it’s 2003.

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