I’ve been writing about other people’s music out on the socials for a while now, and after some reflection have decided to give that writing a home here on the ship’s log of EtherDiver.com. I’ll make a category for it to make it easy to find, of course. And if you want to see your music featured here, here’s how:

  • Be mutuals with me on one or more social networks, or follow this blog (there will be a newsletter soon, too, and subbing to that will also qualify you). I am looking to build community and turn people on to some cool music, not just do your promo for free. So be part of the community if you want to be part of the community!
  • Send me a link via those socials, or email, or anyway to what you’d like me to listen to and write about. Any number of tracks totaling no more than 15 minutes (if you write 40 minute drone pieces or whatever, I’ll listen to 15 minutes of one of them and write about that). I may choose to listen to more, but I’m trying to spread the love here, so no promises.
  • NO Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Apple Music or other streaming only bullshit. Nothing that requires me to login to hear your work, and the public needs to be able to hear a full track, or no go. It has to be a site where people can either pay you money directly for your work, or at least leave you a message directly, and that you can upload your work to without having to pay a middle man. Fuck the bloodsuckers, I won’t help them ruin music. (If you aren’t sure about a particular platform, LMK and we’ll figure it out.)
  • I’m not going to savage anyone. These short write ups will focus on positive elements of the music, and neutral observations. So I might say, “This reminds me of Radiohead and has some nice use of breakbeats.” That doesn’t mean I think it’s as good as Radiohead (or as bad, for that matter) just that it shares some musical DNA to my ears, and that the use of breakbeats is a standout feature. I’m trying to give potential listeners an idea of what to expect, so they can decide if they want to listen or not. My idea of “good shit” may or may not be the same as yours, but I feel like I can provide a good idea of some comparable artists and/or an accurate description of what I am hearing and what I liked about it. And I think you can ALWAYS find something positive to say about something, even if you know it isn’t for you. That’s what I am doing.
  • I’ll link and/or embed the music to make it easier to listen, and I’ll link it back to whatever social media you follow me on as well. Unless you don’t want me to link to your socials, in which case let me know.
  • Follow the blog here: Ether Diver Feed
  • Any other questions? Let me know.

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