Patch 11: Roll Your Own Strega

Two years ago, when Strega had just come out and that first wave of influencer videos was inescapable, I made several attempts to […]

Patch 9: Drum Design Part 1

Woo, the last few weeks got kind of intense, didn’t they? Well, we can step back and take a deep breath now, because […]

Patch 6: The Benjolin Breaks Out!

After weeks of tweaking our prior patch to last week’s performance setup point, it felt pretty weird to pull it all out. Once […]

Patch 4: Effects and Control

Let’s recap the past three weeks, briefly; we first built a very simple mono synth patch in week one. In week two we […]

Patch 3: Intro to Generative Sequencing

For this week’s patch, we’re introducing the concept (and practice) of generative sequencing. It’s a popular thing to do in the modular world, […]